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Are you having chronic anxiety, depression, mood swings, fatigue, or impaired cognitive function? Do you have a loved one who has been psychotic, drug addicted, suicidal, or just “not themselves anymore?”

Are you or your loved one already on psychiatric medications but the medication is not working or is causing side effects?

With acute psychosis or other severe mental health issues medications are sometimes necessary -- as a short term handling to inhibit dopamine (to slow a person down) in order to stabilize the person. Our professional treatment consultants will do a case history over the phone to find out what the presenting issues are, then offer treatment options that may include holistic mental health care, inpatient and outpatient.

We offer solutions based on holistic model, traditional model and integrative model. With the added benefit of holistic, natural help; a person can regain their health and their happiness. The human body and mind are designed to assimilate good nutrition, vitamins and minerals – this sustains us and creates positive mental and physical health without side effects. Medications are used also when necessary.

There is so much that can be done to help a person who is physically and/or mentally symptomatic. There is hope and real help. We are affiliated with treatment centers and practitioners nationwide.

We are here to help you find the most effective solution to your problems whether in a traditional setting, an integrative setting, or a holistic setting.

Out facilities use these type of therapies:

The first step is to call 877-497-0588 and have one of our professional team members give you a free phone assessment. We will help you free of charge.

Mental Health Recovery

  • Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal
  • Opiate Detox
  • Holistic Mental Health
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We are here to help you find the most effective solution to your problems.