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The first major problem with over use of psychiatric medications is that the actual underlying biological causes are not being discovered and addressed. The second major problem is medication side effects. We have programs available with doctors that help you discover and correct underlying biological issues that may relate to compromised mental health. Medication side effects can sometimes outweigh the therapeutic benefits of the medication and can relate to the toxicity of the medications being used. Our programs use more sustainable type treatments and educate you on how to incorporate these tools as a life style so that you can remain stable for a lifetime.

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Psychiatric drug side effects are well known through scientific research. The drug companies themselves are open about the medication side effects, the law requires them to be. To learn more about specific medication side effects use this search engine.

From the British Medical Journal in regards to medication side effects in elderly patients, “All classes of antidepressant drug were associated with significantly increased risks of mortality, attempted suicide/self harm, falls, fractures, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding compared with when these drugs were not being used."

Why worry about medication side effects? It’s about returning to high quality of life and health. It is well documented that certain vitamin amino acid therapies are more efficient at increasing the amount of brain chemical serotonin in the body. Holistic natural treatments are available in our programs.

Medication side effects cause a person to become symptomatic in new ways thus in need of further treatment and in many cases further medication therapies. Then each new treatment can include new medication side effects.

One simple truth about overall health and wellness is to be aware of medication side effects in regards to the medications you are being prescribed. Overall try to reduce your overall body toxicity and try to increase nutrients in the body. Get the bad stuff out and put the good stuff back in.

In addition for clients who prefer to stay on medication, we have programs that use integrative treatments which are medication therapies along with holistic natural therapies.

We are here to help you find the most effective solution to your problems whether in a traditional setting, an integrative setting, or a holistic setting.

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