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Successful medication withdrawal is possible. Most psychiatric medications do serve a purpose and can even be helpful for an acute psychiatric problem. For example, an antipsychotic medication inhibits dopamine. An antipsychotic medication can be helpful temporarily slowing a person down enough to regain some balance. However, this balance is being held in an artificial manner that is not a long term, sustainable solution for some cases. To complete a successful medication withdrawal, it is helpful to repair and heal the underlying bio-physical malfunction and replace the medications with prescription medication alternatives such as therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals. For some cases, they do well on a limited amount of medication. In these cases, prescription medication withdrawal, may not be necessary. Never attempt medication withdrawal at home without medical supervision, this can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

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Doctors and psychiatrists often state that medications are the solution to any mood or behavior issue. So, when a person comes into the office or hospital asking for prescription medication withdrawal, the doctors will at times talk them into raising the dose and/or adding new medications. If the person insists upon prescription medication withdrawal, the taper order maybe too aggressive, the medications stopped suddenly or titrated over just a few days.

In a period of one or two weeks a person is tapered off their antipsychotic medication. What condition might they be in at the end of the taper or two weeks after the taper has been completed? Due to the prescription medication withdrawal being too aggressive and since no medication alternatives such as vitamins, minerals, supplements were used, many people are at risk of a psychotic episode and/or an increase in mental health symptoms. The prescription medication withdrawal symptoms present as new mental illness and this is the perfect time to say, “See you are sick and you need medications to control your mental illness.” In this case the prescription medication withdrawal failed only because it was aggressive (too fast in duration) and no prescription medication alternatives were taken.

The most successful way to achieve prescription medication withdrawal is to first remove the biological need to be on medications. Holistic Mental Health Programs and Holistic Doctors are familiar with these modalities. Lab testing looking for a cause to the physiological upset is a great way to start. It may be as simple as a food allergy and in others it could be found to be an accumulation of lead or mercury in the body. The doctors would then correct the food allergy by keeping the person from ingesting the food in the first place. In the case of lead or mercury being found, these toxins are pulled or chelated from the body until they are no longer causing a problem. Once the biological cause has been addressed, the psychiatrist or doctor orders an achievable medication withdrawal on a slow taper regimen. During this period of prescription medication withdrawal, the drugs are replaced with nutrients: whole organic foods, vitamins, minerals, and other natural supplements. Prescription medication withdrawal is only successful if the patient who achieves it is in good condition, feeling well and in a balanced state of mind and body. This can be done, I have witnessed it with over a thousand individuals.

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